Love is where you are. I perform my poems, statements and visions by traveling the world to transmit digital poetry. I digitalize the emotions I feel, to share them with people of all continents.

In our digital world we are surrounded by cameras and computers, by daily news about violence, and by catastrophes and war. The media saturation numbs our senses. The future has now taken refuge in the cyberspace of the Internet, where reality melts into virtuality, and yet the never ending search for love continues. In the search for an answerto the question “where do we find love?” Mia Florentine Weiss started a journey around the world during which she asked the people sheencountered: “WHAT IS YOUR PLACE OF PROTECTION?”

For 10 years the artist travelled through five continents. And she has made people of all races and religions part of this multi-media art project featuring digital poetry. Based on her poetry performances, a weekly digital poem clip has been posted online, where you will find 52 answers to the artist’s probing question. Whether it’s in the slums of India, in the Moscow Metro, or in the desert of Africa, on every continent the desire for love and protection is equally strong; but in each culture the answers are different. The artist’s interviews reflect the Zeitgeist of our time and they crystallize the human longing for love. Mia Florentine’s mission to find the ultimate place of protection is revealed in the very last poem clip, Nr. 52, where she gives a personal interpretation of her vision of protection.

With two Bonus tracks, there are 54 poems to watch, each representing one place of protection. To see the individual answers please use the playlist and press the number of the title you are interested in.